A Pink, Orange & Green Wedding!

Teal Us How You Feel…

Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by Jaime on February 17, 2008

Your sash is a teal/sky-blue-ish color on your white dress.  Picture your bridesmaids maybe wearing teal with white sashes…hmmm?  I think it’s pretty!  In case you were wondering what it would look like: 

Picture found at: www.sensationalbrides.com!


Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by Jaime on February 16, 2008

Ribbon To The Rescue!!!

Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by Jaime on February 5, 2008

So your dress has turquois from Da Vinci.  But you love the dresses at David’s Bridal.  However the turquois at David’s Bridal is off from Da Vinci?  No biggie!

Why not have your girls wear headbands or jewelry in the color that matches best to the sash on your wedding dress? 

For example, take your swatch to a craft store, find turquois ribbon that is very similar, and wrap & glue onto headbands for your girls to wear along with their black dresses? 

Or, take that same ribbon and have them use that as the sash!  Still want to bring in more turquoise?  Have your girls wear jewelry that matches. 

There are several ways to bring in that color, and get it pretty close, without having to purchase it at a bridal store. 

Picture found at: BV Weddings.

The Colors Really Do Work Well Together!

Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas, Decor Ideas, Reception Location Ideas by Jaime on February 2, 2008

While browsing one of my new favorite blogs, The Bride’s Cafe, I stumbled across these oh-so-pretty pictures of hers! 

Check out the colors, the pinks, oranges, and yellows truly do work so well with the turquoise accents!  The bridesmaids wore orange dresses with pink sashes, and the flower girls wore dresses in turquoise. 

The perfect inspiration! 

Photography by: www.vcsphotography.com.

Let Them Be Trendy…

Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by Jaime on February 2, 2008

I can’t help it…everywhere I look, I see fabulous weddings in pinks, oranges, greens, turquoise…all these bright beautiful colors!  I do believe it’s become quite the trend!  You trendy bride, you!

Photo found at: The Bride’s Cafe

Coco Myles Has Great Styles!

Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas, Wedding Dresses by Jaime on January 29, 2008

If you haven’t checked out Coco Myles yet, do so now!  This company allows you to choose, mix and match colors and designs to design your own look!  With dresses to love at affordable prices, you’ll love this site. 

They even have wonderful customer service, which as we all know not always easy to find.  Not sure about the colors?  Ask them to mail you a sample! 

Check it out at www.cocomyles.com!

I wish I would have known about this place back when we planned our wedding!

Bridesmaid Looks…

Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by richardsonwedding on January 19, 2008

So many “looks” you could give your bridesmaids.  Whether it’s turquoise/teal dresses,  pink & orange, or black and pink, the possibilities are endless!  Here are a few ideas

Keep in mind, with bridesmaids, not everyone has the same body shape, height, or skin tone.  Try to pick dresses that will not only compliment your dress, but also ones that will compliment your girls.  

Also think about this when you have the bridesmaids get their shoes…not everyone has the same feet.  Some have wide feet, some have narrow…some have a high arched foot, some have flat.  Best solution?  Have your girls pick their own shoes, as long as they’re all the same color.

Girls Dress Up!

Posted in Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by richardsonwedding on January 18, 2008


Dear Lindsay & Brock,

First of all, congratulations on your engagement!  I’m so excited, and so is everyone…it’s going to be an amazing day!  Brock, we couldn’t be more happy that you’ll officially be a new member of our family. 

Here is a blog I’ve created for you, for wedding inspiration and ideas.  With this blog, I’ll be posting not only wedding decor inspiration, but also ideas on how to save for your wedding, and how to make your wedding rock even if on a tight budget. 

You WILL have a wonderful day, no matter what…because you’ve got real love for each other, and family and friends that love you as well.  So get ready, start saving, and enjoy!  Happy planning!

 Love, Jaime



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